Nalam Hospital

Nalam Hospital was opened on June 30th 2002 at 75, NRT Main Road, Theni. Since then, the reputation of the hospital, as an institution with all essential and latest facilities and managed by a dedicated group of medical and para-medical staffs, is on the rise. The hospital was brought under 'Nalam Trust' with Dr.C.Palaniappan, PhD , an eminent scientist in the field of solar energy, as founder trustee, Dr.C.P.Rajkumar, MD as Managing Trustee and 5 other trustees on the 28th of August 2003 to facilitate rapid growth of the hospital and to serve the healthcare needs of the downtrodden segment of our society. A second unit of Nalam hospital, Nalam Specialty Care Centre, was opened at 26 / 60, NRT Main Road, Theni on June 30th, 2004 to enhance thein-patient facilities and to bring in other specialized fields of medicine under one roof. As both units of Nalam hospital were insufficient to cater to the ever increasing number of satisfied patients, both units were shifted to a unified state-of-art land-mark architectural hospital complex at Lake road, SriramNagar, Theni which has been in operation since October 24th, 2007.

Our vision and mission


Revolutionizing diabetology towards a Diabetes Free Society!


To be THE HOSPITAL OF CHOICE for diabetic and orthopedics thru a culture of excellence and compassion in diabetic health care and education