Educational Service

Nalam Academy

Nalam Academy, a non-profitable educational institution under Nalam hospital, is run by Nalam Trust. The academy was started in the year of 2007, with a team of dedicated and experienced teachers and administrators.

Aims of Nalam Academy

  1. To create skillful and well-trained paramedical personnel from the underprivileged segment of the society.
  2. To create employment opportunity to alleviate poverty among the underprivileged
  3. To develop a group of paramedical personnel with sound knowledge in their chosen field of healthcare as well as with good administrative and communication skills for successful careers in their life.

Positive Virtues of Nalam Academy

  1. Hospital attached educational institute
  2. Well experienced and skillful teachers
  3. Assured employment opportunity

Facilities of Nalam Academy

  1. Free hostel
  2. Hygienic & delectable food
  3. R.O purified water
  4. Opportunity to participate in health awareness programs conducted by the hospital

CME for Medical Faculty

Diabetes is a disease with myriad presentations and complications and so the management patterns too changes often. So, it is necessary to keep ourselves update for effective deliverance of optimal treatment to the patients.

Nalam hospital regularly conducts medical update for its consultants and other medical practioners of the district on various medical specialties, for the betterment of medical care.

Basic First-Aid Courses

First-aid forms an integral part of any life saving procedure. This basic measure is a must for any force or organization which is exposed to the perils of life. Organizations like Police department, Fire service, Forest department exposure to first-aid basics is essential. So Nalam hospital organizes basic first aid courses for these organizations so that they can serve the public in a better way.

Health Awareness Edu. for Pharmacists

India is a country where most of the healthcare happens at the footsteps of a pharmacy rather than in a hospital. As it is very difficult to stop this malicious practice in a short time, Nalam hospital tries to educate the pharmacists of Theni district through regular educational material on various nuances of health care. The program is well received by the pharmacists.

Personality Development Programs

Well being of a patient depends not only on the medical care given by the medical team, but also the care and consideration shown towards the patient by each and every individual in a hospital system.

For once to be considerate and caring towards another person, mental conditioning is very essential and to achieve this, Nalam hospital organizes regular personality development programs for the staffs and allied members of the heath care system.