Nalam's Green Initiatives

Nalam Hospital's few initiatives in combating global warming and in preservation of natural environment are……

Paper Bag

Waste newspapers and discarded pharmaceutical brochures are used in manufacturing of paper carry bags by the staffs of the hospital whenever their time permits. This work also attracts a small honorarium. These paper bags have completely replaced plastic carry bags in the pharmaceutical department and the coffee shop of the hospital.

Solar Power

A 3 KW solar grid tie system is installed from a leading Japanese solar panel supplier. This 3 KW solar system, coupled with the hospital's power supply through an inverter, helps in reducing the hospital's electricity consumption to an extent of about 4800 units / year, whenever solar radiation is available for harnessing power.

The hospital's need for hot water is met exclusively by Solar water heaters and not by electricity.

Non-sterile Needles

Though hospitals generally dispose off their used and non-sterile needles through incinerators and sharps bin, the same does not happen with syringes and needles used by diabetic patients at their home. These non-sterile needles find their way into the common garbage, which is a huge health hazard to the common public as well as to sanitation workers. So in order to mitigate this health threat, Nalam hospital collects all the used syringes and needles from its patients in used plastic bottles and dispose them via the medical waste disposal company.

Monkey Proof Dustbins

Nalam Hospital's role in environmental protection by installlation of monkey proof segregable garbage bins at Kumbakarai falls, a popular tourist destination in Theni District.

Rainwater Harvesting

Nalam Hospital harvests its entire surface rainwater run off to recharge the bore wells , so that we are assured of water forever. A 6 inch sleeved pipe was bored to a depth of 100 ft (top end of the sleeved pipe seen in fig 1) and the pit on top of it is filled with pebbles, stones and charcoal to act as a reservoir.