Services & Facilities

Emergency Care

Nalam Hospital provides round the clock medical and surgical care with state of art equipment and a highly motivated health care team. The hospital's ambience provides a serene and tranquil atmosphere for rapid recovery of the patients.

Nalam Hospital Front Office

Front Office

The Front Office is manned by efficient staff and is equipped with synchronized computers to retrieve outpatient and inpatient details rapidly. The front office fixes up appointment for all consultants and also intimates the appropriate consultants in case of emergencies. It also handles the travel requirements of patients.

Out-patient Department

The Out-Patient department has a comfortable waiting area with good ventilation and pleasant channel music around the clock. Patients are triaged based on the severity of symptoms in the OPD. Key vitals of patients – weight, blood pressure, pulse rate, temperature (if necessary) are taken by the paramedical staff and the same recorded.

Prior to the consultation with the medical officers, patients are met by the dieticians and counsellors and their dietary habits and chief complaints are recorded. After consultation by the medical officer, patients meet the counsellors / dieticians again for advise on dietary habits, exercise, usage of health aid devices and prescribed medicines.

Nalam Hospital Out Patient
Nalam Hospital Out Patient

In-patient Department

The In-Patient department has a total of 20 beds. The IP ward has

  • Well Appointed Rooms
  • Central supply of Oxygen
  • Drinking water purified with Reverse Osmosis technique
  • Hot water facility through solar water heaters
  • Catering facility with disease specific menus
  • Communication Facility

The rooms are categorized as:

  • Deluxe Rooms
  • Private Rooms
  • Twin Sharing Rooms
  • General Ward
Nalam Hospital In-patient Department

Intensive Care

Intensive Care Unit, an integral part of the hospital, is equipped with latest machineries to combat emergencies.

Nalam Hospital Front Office

The Intensive care is equipped with Central Oxygen, Multi-Para Monitors, Defibrillators, Pulse Oximeters, Cardiac Monitors, ECG Machines, Volumetric infusion Pump, ECHO Machine. The Intensive Care unit is manned by ICU trained dedicated team of staffs round the clock.

Surgical Care

Nalam Hospital is equipped with twin operation theatre complex with state-of-the-art equipment to handle all major and minor surgical procedures.

The theatre complex practices strict aseptic precautions and monitoring systems to combat hospital borne nosocomial infections. The Operation Theatre complex includes a Major Operation Theatre, Minor Operation Theatre and Special Procedure Room.

Major Operation Theatre

The Theatre with epoxy flooring is equipped to handle all general and specialized surgeries,. The equipment includes Twin Dome ceiling suspended lights, Boyle's apparatus, C-Arm, Multi-Para monitors, Stainless steel automated operation table, Bipolar diathermy to name a few.

Minor Operation Theatre

The Minor OT is equipped with OT lights and table, Boyle's Apparatus, Suction and Central Oxygen.

Nalam Hospital Surgical Care

Cardiac Care

Nalam Cardiac department is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and staffed with leading specialists to provide comprehensive cardiac care.

Nalam Hospital Cardiac Care

Adults with diabetes are 2 to 4 times more likely to suffer from heart disease than adults without diabetes. Hence to ensure diagnosis of cardiac ailments at the earliest and to provide comprehensive care for acute myocardial diseases, Nalam hospital is equipped with

  • Logiq 3 Pro ECHO machine
  • Mindray 12 channel ECG
  • TMT machine

Cardiac screening and care is provided by the renowned cardiologist of Theni district Dr. P. Sukumar, MD, DM.

Laboratory Service

Nalam’s advanced medical laboratory is equipped with latest equipment and is under stringent external quality control of AIIMS, Delhi and CMC, Vellore.

Nalam Hospital Laboratory Service

Nalam's Advanced Medical Laboratory is equipped with latest equipment such as Diasys Sys200 fully Automated Biochemical Analyzer, Maglumi chemiluminescence immunoassay (CLIA) analyzer, Horiba Yumizen H500 5-part Automated Cell Counter, Biosystem Semi Auto Analyzer, Electrolyte Analyzer, Roche Urine Analyzer, Olympus Binocular Microscope, Bacteriological / Fungal Incubator and Laminar Air flow.

All laboratory reagents are maintained as per standard and only the reagents of topmost quality are used. Specialized tests like HbA1c, Thyroid Profile, Hormone assays, Inflammatory markers are being done by qualified and highly experienced technicians.

The well-qualified laboratory personnel of the department undergo regular medical update programs to keep abreast of the latest development in the field of laboratory technologies.

External Quality Assurance
  • Nalam's Clinical Biochemistry and Microbiology department is under External Quality Control by Christian Mission College, Vellore.
  • The Hematology department of the hospital is under the External Quality Control by Department of Hematology, AIIMS, New Delhi.

X-ray and Ultrasound

Nalam's radiology department is equipped with the latest digital X-ray, Echocardiogram and High-resolution Ultrasound.

Nalam Hospital X-ray and Ultrasound

The Radiology department at Nalam is equipped with...

  • Digital Xray - ICR Chrome
  • GE Logiq Pro 3 for Ultrasound, Doppler study of arteries / veins
  • Echocardiogram

Nutrition & Dietetics

Nutrition & Dietetics being the cornerstone for management of diabetes and other metabolic disorders, experienced dieticians review the patient's dietary pattern and advise on lifestyle modifications regularly to achieve the target HbA1c / weight.

Nalam Hospital Nutrition & Dietetics
Nalam Hospital X-ray and Cafeteria

Nalam Canteen provides nutritious food prepared carefully as per the dietician’s orders for inpatients and attenders. Meticulous hygiene is maintained in the cafeteria and the staffs of the cafeteria are regularly dewormed as well as regularly instructed on the importance of personal hygiene.

The canteen specializes in disease specific menus for patients as specified by the dieticians like diabetic diet, renal diet, hepatic diet, etc. Nalam Café provides nourishments, beverages and organic foods to ensure healthy food habits among patients and their attenders.


Nalam Physiotherapy department is is equipped with latest equipment manned by an experienced physiotherapist

Nalam Hospital Physiotherapy

Nalam Physiotherapy department is manned by an experienced physiotherapist. It is equipped with latest equipment like Motorized traction apparatus, IFT, ultrasonic therapy and wax bath.

The physiotherapy department takes care of patients with osteoarthritis, periarthritis shoulder, diabetic hand syndrome, post stroke patient and also helps in post-surgical mobilization.


A well-stocked air-conditioned pharmacy manned by qualified and experienced pharmacists and drug dispensers functions round the clock.

The quality and quantity of the medicines stocked is routinely reviewed by the administrative department of the hospital. The pharmacy strictly adheres to the rules and regulations of the Drug Control of India.

Over the counter sales is strictly prohibited. A counsellor ensures that the patients have received the prescribed medications, instructs them on the proper usage of medicines prescribed as well as clarifies doubts if any.

Dia Shoppe, a unit of Nalam Pharmacy deals exclusively with diabetes related products like Glucometers, Insulin devices, diabetic foot wear, custom designed foot supports, diabetes specific food stuffs like jam, biscuits, confectionaries, health mix, drinks and juices.

Nalam Hospital Pharmacy

Ambulance Service

Available 24 x 7 for any emergencies

Nalam Hospital Ambulance Service

Nalam hospital uses the service of more than 2 private ambulance operators to receive emergency cases from distance places and to shift cases for specialized care in case of necessity.