Nalam Connect


Nalam is a pioneer in Telemedicine; its Nalam Connect program was a first of its kind telemedicine center for diabetes, inaugurated nearly 10 years ago in 2011.

Nalam Connect's motto is 'Specialized diabetes care at your doorstep'. It provided several key benefits including:

  • A hi-tech facility for primary diabetes care at your doorsteps
  • Avoidance of the stressful waiting period at hospitals.
  • Time and money saved in travel to diabetic facilities

Nalam is extending its telemedicine program - Nalam Connect, to cover most of the specialities at Nalam Hospital through a robust framework.

This program will connect patients with 10+ specialists providing healthcare across a vast spectrum. Patients who are in a remote location with limited access to medical centres or who simply cannot step out due to the ravaging COVID pandemic, Nalam Connect will provide you with access to unmatched medical expertise using a combination of mediums – telecommunication, an internet based digital platform and video / phone consultations.

Nalam Connect service will be convenient and flexible, providing real-time access to world-class healthcare professionals from any part of the globe. Get medical opinions and professional advice from our expert doctors and specialists from the comfort of your homes! Nalam Connect makes healthcare simple and hassle-free!

Stay home…. Stay safe…. Stay healthy