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Diabetes Awareness Camps

Diabetes is creating a great havoc to our society, with the present estimated diabetic population of about 5 crore in India is expected to double to about 9 crore in 2030. In addition to the increasing number of diabetics, the complications due to the disease are also on the rise. The primary reasons for the rise in complications are delay in diagnosis and lack of regular follow ups.

Nalam Hospital Diabetes Awareness Camps

Nalam Hospital tries to address the delay in detection of diabetes through its Free Diabetes Awareness camps.

The key features of these camps are

  • A counselor with the help of multimedia explains the basics of diabetes, its detection methods, treatment plans and ways to prevent complications due to the disease to the participants in a simple manner, in their language of communication
  • The participants are then provided with a few questionnaires, to test if the lecture diabetes has been well received and understood
  • Patients who are known diabetics and those who are diagnosed for the first time are followed up after 2 weeks with remainder cards and telephone calls
Nalam Hospital Diabetes Awareness Camps

Health Awareness Camps

Multispeciality Camps

Diabetes is a disease with myriad complications and screening for all complications at the same time is a daunting task. Nalam Hospital’s Multi-specialty camps addresses this, wherein consultants from various departments are brought together to provide a comprehensive diabetic care for patients.

Nalam hospital has organized numerous such camps with tremendous response among patients. The unique screening and counseling for various complications of diabetes at a single time in the presence of experts in various fields of medicine is well received.

Nalam Hospital Multispeciality Camps
Nalam Hospital Health Screening for Forest Department Staffs

Health Screening for Forest Department Staffs

Forests form an integral part of our life, as it is in the forests, the rivers and the flow of life begins. So the protector of these natural reserves, the forest department, has to be healthy enough for carrying out their unique service to mankind.

Nalam hospital in association with Theni Forest Department has launched an annual scheme called Vanam Nalam wherein the entire staff of Theni forest division are screened for diabetes, hypertension, renal disorders, liver disorders, cardiac diseases as well as other common ailments. The staffs are also counseled on the importance of health care and prevention of diseases.

Diabetes Family Screening Camps

Diabetes mellitus especially type 2 runs in families. The chance of one becoming a diabetic if parents are diabetics is as follows

  • If any one parent is a diabetic - 14%
  • If both parents are diabetic - 45%

Hence it is prudent to screen for diabetes in families with history of diabetes, as early as possible.

Nalam Hospital organizes diabetes family screening camp, wherein all members in a family, which has at least one member with diabetes is screened for diabetes and the entire family is counseled.

Nalam Hospital Diabetes Family Screening Camps

Concessional Medical Camps

Nalam Hospital Concessional Medical Camps

Diabetes mellitus, the silent marauder of the century, has its negative implications on the society by way of its complications. The diabetic complications are not diagnosed in time, to introduce preventive measures, either due to ignorance or due to financial reasons. Nalam Hospital tries to address these two issues by means of its "Nalam Sarkarai Nala Mugam" – Nalam Diabetes Well-being Camp

In this camp, organized annually, investigations pertaining to diabetes like fasting and postprandial blood sugars, renal function tests, liver function tests, complete haemogram, complete urinalysis, ECG, Biothesiometry are done at a highly subsidized rate so that the people from the economically weaker segment of the society are benefitted.

This concessional diabetes camp is held over a period of 7 days every year in the month of May and attracts a big crowd of patients from all walks of life. All those who participate in this camp are given free consultation, counseling and advised on lifestyle modification to facilitate a healthy life for them in future.

Project Drona

Nalam Hospital Project Drona
Nalam Hospital Project Drona

The incidence & prevalence of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) is on a rise towards epidemic proportions in our country and to mitigate the serious physical and economic impact of these diseases awareness creation among our younger generation is crucial. Working towards this, Nalam Hospital has been conducting Awareness Workshops on NCDs at Govt. & Govt. Aided schools for students of classes 8 and above in Theni district with the support of Theni District Administration.

The key objective of this workshop is to educate school going children on NCDs, their symptoms, complications and methods to prevent / treat the same. This awareness creation could help in early detection and prevention of NCDs among these children in future as well as spread of awareness information on NCDs by the children to their family members in the present.


Basic First-Aid Training

First-aid forms an integral part of any lifesaving procedure. This basic measure is a must for any force or organization which is exposed to the perils of life. For organizations like Police department, Fire service, Forest department exposure to first-aid basics is essential. Nalam Hospital organizes basic first aid courses for these organizations so that they can serve the public in a effective way.

Health Awareness Education for Pharmacists

In India most of the healthcare happens at the footsteps of a pharmacy rather than in a hospital. As it is very difficult to stop this malicious practice in a short time, Nalam Hospital tries to educate the pharmacists of Theni district through regular educational material on various nuances of health care. The program is well received by the pharmacists.

Personality Development Programs

Care and compassion shown towards patients by each member of the healthcare system play a pivotal role in the well-being of patients. For one to be considerate and caring towards another person, mental conditioning is very essential; Nalam Hospital organizes regular personality development programs for the staffs and allied members of the healthcare system to improve their care-giving skills.